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11:04am 30/08/2013
  so as it has been a LONG time since i posted anything, i figured that i was long overdue for a rant.

i hate ODSP. and, more specifically, the government as a whole. why do they insist upon making life absolutely, without a doubt, unliveable? if they are going to insist upon me paying rent and buying food and such, then they need to STOP FREAKING TAKING MY MONEY AWAY. i would have thought that was obvious, but i guess now. so, in light of that., let me spell it out for you Government...

here is the equation: living = pay rent + buy food + incidental expenses. but if government = steals all my money + limits my options, then why is my LIFE now = HELL??

stoopid everything :(

11:09am 09/07/2013
mood: crappy
so how can life go from being so downright shiny and epic to sucking the life right out of you, all in the span of a few hours? yesterday was a downright HORRIBLE day. i had to tell one of my friends, one of my BESTEST EVER friends, that we couldn't be friends anymore. why, you ask? it's just that he's stuck... he has been in the exact same place with the exact same problems as long as we have been friends. i, on the other hand, have been trying to take steps to better my situation and i think i've been doing pretty good at that! but it has felt for a while now that he is holding me back in a big way. and i just got tired of it i guess.

so i feel like an absolutely crappy friend today, and i have a hunch that this feeling is going to last for a while still. but it had to be done, you know? as much as it sucks.

in other (happier) news, married life still totally kicks!! i love waking up beside my man each day, having breakfast together before he heads off to work, be making dinner when he comes home at night. it seems that i have become a rather effective little housewife lol... who ever saw THAT one coming?? but i am happy :)

soooooooo... my life has been swallowed by planning this benefit concert on August 17th for my AVM Foundation, but its been going REALLY well so i am pleased :) i just want this to be an incredibly amazing event! here's hoping :)

anywho, i am off to get to work. too much to get done today! l8r daze...


Shrug it off
hello, Mrs. Veronika McCombe!! :)   
11:14am 28/05/2013
mood: cheerful
GRIN!!!!! married life is AWESOME! life seems to have fallen quite nicely back into place post-wedding and things are grand :)

does it get any better than this?

*hugs and kisses*
~v :)

And everything is blue for him
06:32pm 22/05/2013
mood: excited
so it's Wednesday. as in, Wednesday the 22nd day of May, 2013. as in, three days before i marry the most amazing man.

three. more. days.

we are officially completely moved into the new dwelling space (snazziest apartment in Mississauga baby, yah!), everything is ready to roll in a few days, and life is grand. i haven't been in THIS good a mood in a while, so this has been a rather enjoyable week :)

*hugs and kisses*
~v :)

12:36pm 09/05/2013
mood: nervous
oh... my... goodness!! there are literally like two and a half weeks left until the wedding... so now that the Big Day is fast approaching, i'd say its about time to FREAK OUT!!! i know that everything is right on track and we have got everyting covered, but i'm still nervous. this weekend is my bridal shower and bachelorette party (at the NEW APARTMENT!!) and it's getting exciting :)

sooooo much to do these next two days though!! gleeps....

~v :O

How do people get through this??
OMG there really isn't much time left....    
11:58pm 29/04/2013
mood: sleepy
jeebus, time has been going so super duper quickly these days!! there is literally less than one month to go and although i am totally on top of just about everything, it's still insanely overwhelming. i am aout 99% sure that i really have got it all together though, and so here's hoping!

i am sooooooo completely and totally exhausted from it all though, and feel all too often these days that i could really juse use a nap....

~v :)

Gettin' her done
10:44am 02/04/2013
mood: exhausted
that's it - just sigh. i am exhausted. i know that i have been overdoing it, and yet i never seem to stop.

when will i ever learn???

two months to go!!   
12:08am 26/03/2013
mood: Decent
i am getting officially WAY TOO EXCITED for the upcoming wedding i like exactly two months!! i am also completely pumped, because Sean and i got an apartment last week!!! like, woot :)

so things are shiny at the moment! but i have a really early day tomorrow and just came on here to check something, so i am off!!

~v :)

I once was lost, but now am found. Was blind, but now I see.
wow, time moves fast!   
10:20am 10/03/2013
mood: great!
so it's practically March Break... meaning that i only have two and a half months until the wedding! gleeps!!! i know that we are right on schedule with planning everything, but it's still sort of intimidating. plus, this coming Thursday Sean and i are handing in an application for a totally awesome apartment that we looked at this past week. so... fingers crossed! i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want it.

plus we need, you know, a place to live in that time lol.

so life is rolling along nicely. work is decent, though i really do feel like i ought to be making more money. Sean's business is doing splendidly and he is still totally loving it. the wedding is coming together, life is still nuts, and things are grand. no complaints :)

so i'm sitting here this morning and listening to some of the praise and worship music that i acquired when i was at Redeemer University. totally awesome. i love being a nerd :)

for now though, off to church!

*hugs and kisses*
~v :)

Our God is an awesome God
12:12am 07/02/2013
mood: great!
things are getting CRAZY... between wedding planning, trying to find a job AND a place to live within the next four months, trying to make time for my man, and still sleep, i honestly have no idea how i am coping so well up to now. i usually would have had two or three tweak-outs by now, but nothing... yet. lol.

(side note: i freaking LOVE Greek yogurt!! french vanilla flavour, with hulled hemp seeds, flaxseeds and granola... epic win!!)

back to business...

i need to do some research on what it takes to become an actual Blogger (by job title) and then do that (whatever "that" is). this is the mission (well, one of the missions) for tomorrow. and speaking of tomorrow, i need to get to bed! it got late without me even realizing it. i was chilling at Sean's though, so that would explain the lack of attention to time lol....

~v :)

Optimstic is WAY better... less stressful
grin :)   
10:28pm 02/02/2013
mood: nervous
so i thought that i had found the PERFECT gift for me to give Sean for the wedding (besides, you know, myself lol. i was informed that the bride and groom apparently get each other gifts as well). thing is though, the quote i collected was BLOODY EXPENSIVE. and so now, i dunno. i am completely stuck.

but whatever! life is grand!! today was a super great day, yesterday was also a super duper great day, and IT'S THE WEEKEND! friggin' right :)

four... more... months (less than that, actually). like, eeps. i am so terribly nervous and extremely excited all at once. this is definitely the most mixed up feeling i have had in a while!

off for now though, i am buried waist-deep in trying to pack my junk up so i can move it into wherever Sean and i end up in a few months.

*blank stare* how do i DO this???


New life? Sure, I figure I'm about due.
11:09pm 05/01/2013
mood: ecstatic
i am going to be grinning for weeks, my weekend has started off so amazingly!! i ever-so-desperately have needed to just take a freaking break and actually NOT work one whole entire weekend. so i decided this past week that this weekend, right now, is it. the 50%-done review?


Sean and i got everything that was on mine and his to-do lists done for today, we got in a stupendously amazing 2-hour workout at the gym, i had an entire day of quality time with my man, and to top it all off - his mom made spaghetti tonight. have i ever told you that she makes INCREDIBLE spaghetti?

so, hence the GRIN!

anyway though, it's after 11pm. i have been awake for WAY too many consecutive hours by this point and am just DONE for the day. finishing up my tea, then bed. goodnight, world.

*totally hugs and kisses*
~v :)

Even the bad times end eventually. And the grass really is greener on the other side lol, or so I have been told...
out with the old, in with the new   
10:53pm 03/01/2013
mood: focused
welcome to 2013, everyone.

i had this realization today we have now lived through more than a few apocolypses, a hell of a lot of natural disasters, and WE ARE STILL HERE. why, i ask? and so, this is one of my major goals for this year: to figure all "this" out (with "this" being whatever i find applies to my journey this year). i have honestly no clue where this will take me. i figure that i am doing enough (more than enough) adventuresome stuff this year already anyway, what with the whole embarking on a married life-sort of adventure. i do not have nearly enough time, money or focus to contribute adequately to this project the way that i likely should.

but you know what? i'm gonna do it anyways :P

the question now just becomes clear: where the heck do i begin??

~v :)

Namaste (Bikram yoga mantra):
I honour the place in you that
Is the same in me.
I honour in you where
The whole universe resides.
I honour the place in you
Of love, of light, of peace and of truth.
I honour the place in you
that is the same in me.
There is but one
happy new year!   
09:13pm 02/01/2013
mood: optimistic
2013. already. like, wow.

i have no clue where time gets off to so quickly these days. all i know is, i now have less than five months to go until the wedding. gleeps.

today was a pretty fantastic day! saw my old roommate (Sarah) and had dinner with her and two other friends at The King's Arms (a totally fantastic little pub downtown), got to the gym prior to that with my man, AND had a rock solid sleep last night. yup, that totally equals awesome day :)

*hugs and kisses*
~v :)

Reach for the stars
sigh... what a week!   
08:20pm 28/12/2012
mood: blah
it was pointed out to me today that the date is December 28th. the 28th!! where exactly did this year go? how have i seemingly missed like, 260ish of the days that supposedly happened?? i'm so lost.

i got a lot done this week, don't get me wrong! i have no complaints. but i just sorta wish that i had a few more weeks than i do before the wedding (how the hell am i going to get it all done???), a few more hours to sleep (i have never been so utterly exhausted in all my life), and just MORE TIME TO JUST BE and not spend it all running around and "being productive".

if it sounds like i need a vacation, it's likely quite simple: because i do. i am starting to think that i am going to require a hardcore getaway with either just myself or me and Sean. take off for somewhere, anywhere. no one would even notice we're gone lol....

(in a perfect world anyways.)

bah. sorry if i sound super depressive today, i'm just too tired for words. it's been a pretty fantastic day though, just too much for my nervous system. you know you're getting old when....

~v :)

Acceptance is reached when effort is put in.
sweet, sweet bliss   
12:00am 21/12/2012
mood: happy
this week (though it has been going by awful quickly...) has been pretty awesome :)

i made it out to the gym a few times (and am going again tomorrow!), got the fundraising thing all wrapped up for the holiday season, bought and wrapped ALL of my Christmas gifts, and yet still managed to find time to spend quality snuggle time with my man AND still get some sleep... this all just leads me to believe that HELLS YES VERONIKA! YOU ROCK!! totally :)

that being said, in about three minutes it is the day that the world is apparently supposed to end. so, on the off chance that they were actually right... - know this: i feel that, for the past just over twenty-eight years, i do feel that i have truly lived. the holidays each year sort of remind me of that, as well as all the reasons for which i am living. and it's sorta nice :)

*hugs and kisses*
~v :)

Three... two... one.......
mmmm weekend!   
12:56am 09/12/2012
mood: tired
sometimes (ok, most times lol) i absolutely LOVE weekends. not that it really makes any difference, as i work mostly for myself and can thus slot my weekend in whenever i want them. thing with that though, is that i also like getting paid. lol i hate everything about the economy and money in general....

there really is nothing better in life than quality time with my man. last night, him and i went on i guess a double date with our friend Vinny and his new girlfriend. it went quite well too! so yay for that. i got a gym membership today, and as such plan to start going UBER RELIGIOUSLY... in the interests of being significantly (like, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) sexier before my wedding in five-ish months.

five? is that it????? gleeps.....

there are a few smaller details that we really need to get done, but at least it FEELS like everything will get done in time. i think. i hope lol.....

~v :)

Holidays? What is this myth you speak of? I am she-who-works-too-much! I have no such thing as holidays
long day...   
10:51pm 19/11/2012
mood: productive
today felt unusually long for some reason. mad productive, but long. at least i got a lot more of the signs for the event (which is THIS COMING SATURDAY!!! eeps!!!) hung up all over the place and collected a bunch more donations for the fundraisers this Christmas season. woot. go team me :)

but yes, this Saturday i fully intend to sell out every round of this speed dating night that me and my friends are running and make a ton of profit! that's the plan at least hehehe...

off to bed though, today was too exhausting for words!

~v :)

R.I.P. Josh... you were a great neighbour. can't believe you've been gone so long!!
and today's affirmation is....   
11:09pm 12/11/2012
mood: thoughtful
(drumroll please...)

i am a writer. that means "one who writes on a professional basis"... and so i decided today that i need to start living that dream and actually thinking of this as a career choice. maybe if i start looking at it in this sort of serious way, things will just shift into a gear where i get paid for ALL my writing and it is something that i will continue to improve in. that would be beyond sweet.

yah, so this was today's epic ponder. as i was wandering around Oakville and collecting prize donations for the open house at the end of the month (P.S.: everyone should come to this!!! it's always a great time), all i could think about was "is my writing 'career' actually going anywhere?" and "can i ever really make a living doing this?" i came to a few conclusions and although very few of them were even close what i would call reassuring, i am going to pull a very V-like move and dive in head first.

one really positive thing that i also concluded though? at least i looked to make sure there was water before i jumped this time :)

and so, fellow LJ family members... tomorrow is a new day. and it is indeed going to be the day that i start taking this seriously.

*hugs and kisses*
~v :)

Love and kisses
it's just writing itself....   
10:01pm 05/11/2012
mood: pleased with the day
so there is a book inside my head that has been trying to start writing itself all day. which is odd, because i was out and about doing work-related things for most of the day. and the most frustrating this is that now that i am home and sitting down and actually have time to sort out and write down all this stuff... it seems to be hiding somewhere in the depths of my brain. like, grrrrr.

so that's frustrating, though it did make me realize that maybe i really do need to start carrying a notebook with me more often. if i really am going to seriously pursue this writing thing in terms of a career, i need to do this. (note to self: go to the dollar store tomorrow. get a notebook, preferably one that can hold a pen in the bindings, and put it in your bag.)

i have been working at this internship for over a year and a half now. i still absolutely love it, though i wish that it actually paid me lol. that would then be the sweetest deal on the planet.

anywho, enough rambling. i just came on to waste some time before bed.

~v :)

Live your life!